Cultural life in Germany

Joe Lovano beim JazzBaltica 2005 Enlarge image (© picture alliance / dpa) Cultural life in Germany is vibrant and manifold. Find out more about Germany's most popular cultural events, traditions and celebrations!

Sonnenuntergang in der Hauptstadt

Life in Berlin

Being cool and 'in' have not been the main qualities Germans are usually credited with. Berlin, though, is a different matter: for years now, the Spree metropolis has seen a constant influx of creative workers, artists, scientists and academics from across the globe. Especially in summer, when young people flock to Berlin from all over the world.

Club Szene

Going Out and Partying

Berlin is not only the centre of German political life but also the throbbing heart of the country’s party scene. The city boasts more than 200 clubs offering the right sort of music for every party-goer, whether they prefer indie, rock, pop, dance, minimal or electro. In addition, there are countless pubs, bars and cafés – the perfect place to spend pleasant summer evening out of doors.

Soziale Netzwerke - Facebook

Youth and Social Networks

The Internet has long become an integral part of the daily lives of most children and young people in Germany.  Researching online for homework, looking up unfamiliar concepts on Wikipedia, and chatting with friends are the norm. Young people in Germany also use social networks extensively.

Reinhardtswald bei Kassel

“Tales of Courage”

This was the name chosen by a Berlin initiative which, over twenty years ago, sought to overcome the division of Germany’s capital, using “tales of courage” to unite people across borders. Fairy tale heroes, although they might feel small, are brave enough to fight for and win their freedom. This courageous initiative gave rise to the “Berlin Fairy Tale Festival”, the largest of its kind in the world, which since then has regarded itself as a forum for intercultural encounter.



For Berliners, the currywurst, or curried sausage, with its spicy ketchup sauce is more than just a fast-food snack: it is a means of survival, a tradition and a regional speciality. It comes in a number of variants: served with a bread roll or with chips (and perhaps a dollop of mayonnaise) or – for the absolute purists – on its own; the sausage with or without skin, served whole or cut into ready-to-eat chunks. The currywurst was invented in post-war Berlin, with Hamburg and Ruhr District cities desperately vying for recognition as the place where it all began.

Münchens Oberbürgermeister Christian Ude zapfte am Samstag (18.09.2010) in München auf dem Oktoberfest das erste Fass Bier an.

German Beer

A beer? We can offer you 5000! This is also true of drinking habits in the various parts of Germany: in general, but especially in north Germany, the light Pilsener with little hops is favoured. Even in Dortmund it has displaced the classic export beer. An amber coloured Alt (a top-fermented dark beer) is popular in Düsseldorf and in the Lower Rhine valleys.

Cultural life in Germany

Operette "Die Blume von Hawaii"