Economy and development cooperation

Industriearbeiter in Afrika Enlarge image (© picture-alliance/ dpa) The Embassy's economic section provides information about the economy in Germany and about development cooperation projects in Africa in general and Zimbabwe in particular.


Economy in Germany

Germany has one of the strongest economies in the world. Many inventions and innovations come from Germany, and the country hosts a number of international trade fairs. Here you find information about Germany's economy.


Useful business related links

Here we have listed some useful links for business with Germany:


Germany and Africa

Germany is one of the world's largest donors of development aid. We provide development aid across the African continent and make the largest contribution to ensuring safe access to water.

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The German Embassy's small scale projects fund

The German Embassy Harare has a fund which supports small scale anti-poverty projects by Zimbabwean Non-Governmental Organizations, associations, interest groups and communities. Each year, 10 to 15 projects are supported through the Embassy's Small Scale Project Fund.