Consular and visa information

Enlarge image You are planning to travel to Germany? As a Zimbabwean citizen, you will need a visa. This website guides you through the application process and allows you to download the relevant application forms and list of requirements. You will also find useful information on further consular services offered by the German Embassy.

Schengen Area

Schengen visa - Short term

You are planning to travel to Germany for up to 90 days? The German Embassy in Harare is in charge of visa applications from applicants who reside in Zimbabwe and whose main destination is Germany.

Gruppe Jugendlicher

Long term visa - National visa for Germany

Stays in Germany exceeding 90 days per six months require a long term (national) visa, called D-Visum. For Zimbabwean residents, the German Embassy Harare is in charge for processing the visa application.

Customs regulations

Although there are certain reliefs in the clearance of goods in the travellers’ personal baggage you may not carry with you all goods and products in passenger traffic without any limitations.


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Consular and visa information


Visa and Consular Section

Time (Monday-Friday)
09.00-11.00 hrs
Visa applications - by appointment
11.00-11.30 hrs
Passport applications - by appointment
Time (Monday-Thursday)
14.00-15.00 hrs
Passport collection, legalisations etc. - WITHOUT APPOINTMENT
14.00-16.00 hrs
Telephone hours
Appointments for groups from 7 persons only by telephone

+263-4-308655 (14-16 hrs only Monday-Thursday)
+263-4-303455 or +4930 1817 67206

Appointment System for Visa and Passport Applications

VIS - Visa Information System

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